Industrial Chemical Packaging: Solutions to Store Chemicals and Hazardous Materials Safely

Packing, storing, and shipping hazardous products requires meticulous planning and careful decision regarding packing material. Chemical products often react with packaging materials, highlighting the importance of choosing only UN-certified FIBCs.

In addition to being compliant with the UN standards, Codefine’s chemical-safe FIBC bags meet compliance requirements of stringent standards such as ISO 22000, BRC, and FSSC. Our patented CSD (Codefine Super Dustproof) and CSD 3 bags ensure no cross-contamination of chemicals during storing or shipping of your products.

A wide variety of packaging bags to store hazardous products.

  • Type B Bags – We use premium materials with a low breakdown voltage to prevent accidents. Safe to transport flammable and dry products. However, this material is unsuitable for environments with flammable gasses or solvents.
  • Type C Bags – These bags use regular non-conductive polypropylene material but have conducting threads sewn into them. These bags need to have contact with the ground or earth for safe use. You may use these bags to pack flammable powders even in the presence of combustible gasses or dust. However, these bags are only suitable if you are able to make a ground connection.
  • Type D Bags – These are made from static and antistatic dissipative fabrics. You can easily transport flammable powders even when flammable gasses and combustible dust are present. Do not use these bags if you cannot ensure that they won’t be contaminated with conductive material such as grease.
  • CSD Bags – Codefine Super Dustproof is a patented technology that lends itself to protect and pack ultra-fine powders. We use a patented sewing process to ensure bags are sift-proof. These bags do not require ribbons or felt and are safer for transporting chemical products.
  • CSD Type 3 Bags – CSD Type 3 bags are made from a more robust and durable material. Thanks to our proprietary construction techniques, it is perfectly suited to pack, store, and ship sensitive and hazardous products. These bags are available with up to 100 % recycled PP body fabric.
White bulk bag with blue straps. Has the text "Codefine International S.A." written on it

Safeguard your products and business by packing hazardous goods correctly.

Storing and packing chemicals and other hazardous materials is no child’s play. Accidents happen often, leading to injuries, lawsuits, and reputation loss. By choosing Codefine’s FBC bags to pack, store, and ship chemicals and other products, you can:

  • Build trust and loyalty
  • Safeguard workers and staff
  • Prevent injuries and deaths
  • Eliminate the risk of lawsuits and reputation damage
  • Sustain a premium brand image
  • Comply with various global safety and quality control regulations

Pack your chemicals in an earth-friendly manner.

Chemical spillage and accidents involving hazardous materials not only cause injuries and lawsuits but may also contaminate our environment. Hence, choosing the right packaging solutions is essential to keep soil, water, and our environment safe. All our packaging solutions are sustainable and environmentally friendly and help you store and ship chemicals in an earth-friendly manner. We also offer bulk bags for the agricultural industry,  as well as animal feed bags, if that’s what you are looking for. 

store chemicals safely

Handle and ship chemicals sans worries.

At Codefine, we know how difficult it can be for businesses that deal with chemicals and other hazardous materials. This is why we go the extra length to make sure that you, your business and your end-users are safe from accidents and injuries that may result while handling your products. We offer everything from disposal recycling, to packaging for post and parcels, and construction bags. Please speak to us today so that we can help you choose the right packaging solutions for your unique needs.

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