Packaging Solutions for Chemical Products

Our company has extensive experience in dealing with the chemical industry, including customers that pack hazardous products. Our FIBC have been rigorously tested at our in-house laboratories, and we maintain regular employee training classes, and detailed traceability programs according to the most stringent standards, such as FSSC, BRC or ISO 22000. FIBCs come in a variety of options for carrying chemical materials and reducing hazard risks. These options include Type B bags, conductive (Type C) bags, or dissipative (Type D) bags. Our production facility is fully equipped and capable of manufacturing and certifying packaging for dangerous goods, including UN certification. For premium chemical products, we can offer several of our proprietary products, including CSD (Codefine Super Dustproof) or CSD 3.


CSD® (Codefine Super Dustproof) is an exclusive, patented technology developed by Codefine to pack ultra-fine powders. Our proprietary, patented sewing process and material give CSD bags a premium siftpoofing. Unlike traditional dustproof, CSD requires no ribbon or felt, and therefore eliminates the risk of contamination of your products.

CSD® bags are produced under strict food grade conditions. CSD® bags are made out of proprietary laminated fabric, offering lab-demonstrated bacteria and moisture protection.

CSD Type 3

CSD type 3 is an evolution of CSD. While keeping premium siftproof characteristics, our proprietary construction makes it a more robust version of CSD. It is particularly indicated for sensitive products.