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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), also known as FIBC bulk bags or super sacks, are large industrial sacks for storing and transporting dry, flowable materials in bulk quantities.

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Our FIBC Bulk Bags Features

Feature Description
Capacity Large storage capacity, ranging from 500 to 2,000 kilograms.
Easy to handle Easy to handle, thanks to lifting loops.
UN certified Meets United Nations’ regulations to transport chemicals and dangerous substances safely and securely.
Lightweight They are strong, but also lightweight - saving on transportation costs.
Reusability They are reusable and recyclable, making them cost-effective and sustainable.
Flexible design Suitable for a variety of industries and storage purposes.
UV-resistance Help protect contents from sunlight and weathering.

Our FIBC bags also meet specific safety standards, such as UN-Certified FIBC bags: These adhere to United Nations’ regulations to transport chemicals and dangerous substances safely and securely.

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Codefine's Products


CSD® (Codefine Super Dustproof) is an exclusive, patented technology developed by our company to pack ultra-fine powders. Our proprietary, patented sewing process and material give CSD bags a premium sift-proofing. Unlike traditional dustproof, CSD requires no ribbon or felt, and therefore eliminates the risk of contamination of your products. CSD® bags are produced under strict food grade conditions. They are made out of proprietary laminated fabric, offering lab-proven protection against bacteria and moisture.

CSD Type 3

CSD type 3 is an evolutionary, more robust product of CSD that maintains the premium sift-proof qualities. Thanks to its patented combination of layers in the corners of the bag, the product is not in contact with the seams and eliminates thus risk of contamination of the product. It is particularly suitable for sensitive products, and offers a seamless bag at a competitive price.

Easylift Type 3

Easylift Type 3 is the ultimate pallet-less bag. It allows you to easily handle, load, and ship your goods without the need for pallets, leading to significant savings for your business. The elimination of the pallet, along with the optimized bag size, enables an increase of up to 20% more shipped in each bag, which generates substantial savings on freight costs. Extremely easy to handle, Easylift Type 3 is part of the Codefine Green Initiative dedicated to reducing material usage and freight costs.

Dragon FIBC

Dragon FIBC is our most robust and efficient large bag. Due to its unique structure, our thorough testing processes have shown that this bag offers 20% stronger resistance and durability, which enables significantly lower material usage.

Created and as part of the Codefine Green Initiative dedicated to reducing material usage and freight costs, Dragon FIBC bags may be used with or without liners.

Codefine's Types of FIBC Bags

FIBC bulk bags are incredibly versatile and can be used in various contexts. They are classified based on their shape and construction and the kind of fabric used.

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Here are the major types based on their shape:

4-Panel Bag

4-Panel Bags

These square or rectangular-shaped bags consist of four fabric panels that are sewn together. They are perfect for storing and transporting bulky goods.

Baffled Bag

Baffle Bags

These FIBC bulk bags have internal baffles or partitions which prevent bulging and sagging. They are ideal for materials that need to be kept stable during transportation, such as fine powders and granular materials.

Circular Panel Bag

Circular Bags

The bags are crafted from a single piece of fabric that is transformed into a tube-like shape with a cylindrical form. Flat panels are stitched at the top and bottom to create a cylindrical structure for the bag.

Conical Bag

Conical Bag

U-Panel-a Bag

U-Panel A Bag

U-Panel-b Bag

U-Panel B Bag

Here are the major types based on their fabric:

Bag Diagram CODEFINE

Type A Bags

Made from regular polypropylene fabric and suitable for storing and transporting non-flammable materials without explosion risks.


Type C Bags

Made from anti-static polypropylene fabric, these FIBC bulk bags also have conductive threads allowing safe storage and transportation of flammable materials such as solvents and fuels.

A gray bag with a red lightning bolt and arrow

Type B Bags

Manufactured using anti-static polypropylene fabric, these bags are perfect for storing and transporting materials with a low risk of explosion.

bag diagram

Type D Bags

These anti-static bags with earthing and conductive fabric can safely store and transport flammable powders and materials that specifically have a risk of explosion.

Main Industries & Common Uses

FIBC’s are a versatile packaging solution used in different industry sectors due to their large capacity, durability, and flexibility in design. 

In addition to their modernity and sustainability, FIBC bulk bags offer the advantage of being recyclable and reusable, minimizing environmental impact and contributing to a circular economy. Their versatility, durability, and eco-conscious features make FIBC bulk bags a preferred choice for businesses seeking efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

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