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FIBC Bulk Bags

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), also known as FIBC bulk bags or super sacks, are large, durable sacks designed for efficiently storing and transporting dry, flowable materials. These versatile containers ensure safe handling, reduce wastage, and improve overall logistics efficiency.

Why Choose FIBC Bulk Bags?

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), also known as FIBC bulk bags or super sacks, are large, durable sacks designed for the efficient storage and transportation of dry, flowable materials. These containers provide maximum durability and reliability, ensuring that materials remain secure and protected during transit. FIBC bulk bags are ideal for various applications, from agricultural products to industrial chemicals, offering a cost-effective solution that reduces wastage and enhances logistics efficiency.
With features such as UV resistance and customizable sizes, FIBC bulk bags are tailored to meet the specific needs of diverse industries, ensuring safe and efficient material handling. Their robust construction and high capacity make them essential for optimizing supply chains and streamlining operations. Additionally, they offer ease of handling, large storage capacity, and compliance with international safety standards, making them the preferred choice for businesses aiming to improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Product features

Large storage capacity

Easy to handle

UN certified



Flexible design

FIBC’s are a versatile packaging solution used in different industry sectors due to their large capacity, durability, and flexibility in design. 

Product specifications

Material Recycled (20% or 30% Rpp) or 100%Virgin PP, laminated or unlaminated, ventilated, conductive type C, dissipative type D, vento, flame retardant
Construction U-shape, flat 4 panels, double wall, bag in bag, tubular, 1Looper, 2Looper, Italo type
Inlet Open top, top skirt, top spout, conical top
Outlet Flat bottom, bottom spout, bottom skirt, full star bottom, conical
Safety Factor 5:1, 6:1, 8:1
Safe Working Load From 100 kg to 2500 kg
UV Resistant Yes
Document Pouch A4, A3, A5 or customizable
Product Length 90 cm, 95cm, 100cm, 110cm + fully customizable
Product Width 90 cm, 95cm, 100cm, 110cm + fully customizable
Product Height Fully customizable
Fabric Color Any color, most common color white

Use cases/industries

Post & Parcel

FIBC bulk bags are designed to meet postal service regulations, offering eco-friendly and biodegradable options. These bags, including CSD post and parcel bags and Easylift Type 3, provide premium dust-proofing and enhanced capacity, reducing the need for pallets and cutting down on freight costs.

Disposal & Recycling

FIBC bulk bags are ideal for the disposal and recycling industry. They can store various types of dry and flowable waste in bulk quantities, are compatible with forklifts and cranes, and help businesses achieve sustainability goals with eco-friendly packaging solutions.


In agriculture, FIBC bulk bags offer versatile storage and shipping solutions for seeds, fertilizers, and harvested produce. These bags protect contents from contaminants and pests, ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products. Their large capacity and ease of handling make them a cost-effective choice for farmers.

Interested in our FIBC bulk bags?

Are you interested in obtaining further information regarding the various types of FIBC bulk bags offered by Codefine? Send us a message.

Product types

4-Panel Bag

4-Panel Bags

These square or rectangular-shaped bags consist of four fabric panels that are sewn together. They are perfect for storing and transporting bulky goods.

Baffled Bag

Baffle Bags

These FIBC bulk bags have internal baffles or partitions which prevent bulging and sagging. They are ideal for materials that need to be kept stable during transportation, such as fine powders and granular materials.

Circular Panel Bag

Circular Bags

The bags are crafted from a single piece of fabric that is transformed into a tube-like shape with a cylindrical form. Flat panels are stitched at the top and bottom to create a cylindrical structure for the bag.

Conical Bag

Conical Bag

Conical bags are ideal for materials that can be difficult to discharge. Their conical shape helps ensure complete emptying of contents, minimizing residue and waste.

U-Panel-a Bag

U-Panel A Bag

U-Panel bags provide excellent stability and strength. Made from two side panels and a single base panel, they are suitable for heavy-duty applications and offer robust support.

U-Panel-b Bag

U-Panel B Bag

Similar to U-Panel A, U-Panel B bags feature a slightly different construction for enhanced load-bearing capacity. They are designed for optimal performance in demanding environments.


Codefine’s FIBC Bulk Bags are used for storing and transporting dry, flowable materials such as grains, powders, and chemicals. They are ideal for industries like agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and mining.
Our FIBC Bulk Bags can hold a wide range of weights, depending on their design and construction. Always refer to the specific bag’s specifications for accurate capacity.
Yes, Codefine provides food-grade FIBC Bulk Bags, meeting stringent safety standards to ensure the safe storage and transportation of food products.
Absolutely, our FIBC Bulk Bags can be customized in terms of size, design, and features such as filling spouts and discharge spouts to meet specific requirements.
Yes, Codefine’s FIBC Bulk Bags are an eco-friendly packaging option. They are reusable and recyclable, reducing the need for single-use packaging and helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals.