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The mining industry is a diverse vertical with disparate packing and shipping requirements. There is much to be packed and transported, from excavated and extracted ores and raw minerals to purified and processed products to their final destinations. Each process is different for every mineral or metal, and packaging solutions need to consider different procedures.

At Codefine, we have decades of experience helping mining companies pack and transport different grades of mined products or even chemical products to their destinations. Our industrial and/or industrial clean bags cater to the requirements of mining companies at all stages. Most importantly, our packaging solutions are ISO-certified and help you reduce your overall costs in the long term.

Different types of packaging solutions for the mining industry

  • Pallet-less Easylift 3 bags – Our standard bags for the mining industry as they help automated machines to lift and transport bags easily. They reduce palletization and transportation costs as well.
  • CSD® (Codefine Super Dustproof) bags – Perfect for mined and excavated superfine products. CSD bags are manufactured using a patented sewing process, producing premium sift-proof material.
  • CSD Type 3 bags – Crucial for refined ores and minerals that are powdery and premium. In addition to retaining CSD bags’ soft-proof characteristics, they are more robust, making them appropriate for long-distance shipping.
  • Industrial bags – Essential and helpful for you to store and ship raw materials yet to be processed. It is ideally suited for automated picking and tracking.
  • Industrial clean bags – These can be used for various mined products ranging from raw materials to finished goods. These bags are ISO-certified and ensure safety and protection.

Safeguard mined products correctly and safely.

Certain minerals and metals can be hazardous for humans upon direct contact. Choosing packaging materials that eliminate the risk of injuries and safety hazards is essential. Codefine’s mining-grade bags help you safely pack, store, and ship mined products, avoiding lawsuits and damages.

  • Protect your staff from exposure to hazardous materials
  • Avoid lawsuits and damage claims
  • Comply with international safety and quality control regulations
  • Align your packaging bags with your brand narrative
  • Avoid loss of products due to sifting
A conveyor belt carrying gravel at a mining operation

Pack your minerals and metals in a sustainable manner.

The mining industry is usually under greater scrutiny from regulatory bodies due to its perceived effect on the environment. Hence, choosing sustainable and green packaging solutions such as ours will help you earn green points that may eventually help you comply with carbon footprint regulations. Most importantly, our bags are sturdy and premium-grade, ensuring no hazardous minerals or particles spill during transportation. If you are looking for other options, we also offer pharmacy bags, food-grade bags, post and parcel bags, and even agriculture bags

Focus on mining and leave your packaging worries for us to deal with.

Codefine has been a venerable packaging solutions company in the business for decades. We are keenly aware of the mining industry’s requirements and have helped mining companies pack, store, and ship products safely and profitably. As mining companies’ needs are disparate, please contact us with your requirements so we can advise accordingly.

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