Container Liners

Container liners are made of Polyethylene Film [PE], Woven Polypropylene [PP], Woven Polyethylene [HDPE].

Bulksaver Barless container liner

Bulksaver® is the safest and most user-friendly container liner available on the market. A proprietary and patented technology of ours, Bulksaver® is a unique solution that works without metal bars.

Its installation is faster and simpler than with regular container liners (with bars), enabling significant efficiency improvements for our customers. Furthermore, there is no complicated lashing system, no special training and absolutely no risk of doing it wrong. This is the ultimate, foolproof solution.

Film PE

Container liner accessories are an important factor for quick installation. Accessories such as carabine, spring buckle, bungee cords, D-Rings etc. are some of these, which enable a quick installation process.

Woven PP/PE

Woven PP/PE come in standards sizes of 20, 30 or 40 feet, or can be customized to suit different container loading and discharge styles.