Container Liners

Container liners are protective packaging bags that help safely store and transport dry bulk cargo. Occasionally, they can be used to pack viscous products as well. These bags are placed inside shipping containers to create a protective barrier between your products and the container’s walls. Storing and transporting goods in containers lined with these protective packaging bags offer double protection against various risks.

Here are some advantages of using container liners:

  • Perfect for storing and transporting various products ranging from chemicals, minerals, petrochemicals, edible products, and even agricultural produce.
  • Eliminate the need to purchase multiple bags and pallets, which not only add to the overall weight of the container but cost quite a bit on their own.
  • Can be handled automatically by conveyor belts, belt throwers, and gravity-fed arrangements.
  • Increased productivity and fewer risks to workers during handling.

Codefine’s container liners help protect your goods from environmental damage and contamination. They are puncture-resistant and can safely store and transport agricultural produce and edible items.


Types of Container Liners

At Codefine, we sell only the most effective container liners so your products remain safe and protected during storage and transportation. Here are the essential types of container liners:


Form fit liners

Form-fit liners assume the internal shape of your container and sit snugly to protect the contents from external jolts.

Here are some specific features and benefits of form-fit liners:

  • Perfect for containers that do not have access doors.
  • Particularly suited for viscous materials.
  • Versatile and amenable to all types and shapes of containers.
  • Can be handled both manually and by automated tools.

Codefine’s form-fit liners can be used to store and transport powdery substances, chemicals, and other products that require an extra layer of protection against humidity and external threats.


Round-bottom liners

These vacuum-formed liners do not have any seams and hold nothing back. As a result, there is no risk of wastage of products, and nothing remains stuck within the folds. The cylindrical-shaped bottom usually fits drum-like containers.

Benefits and features of round-bottom liners:

  • Perfect for storing powders, pastes, and similar materials.
  • More economical when compared with rigid alternatives.
  • Heat can be used to seal the liners so that products remain contamination-free.
  • Meet FDA regulations, are usually BPA-free, and are food safe.
  • Easy to handle both manually and with automated tools.
pe film liners

Woven liners

Woven liners offer safety and resistance against contamination, protecting your products from external damage. These liners have thick internal and external lamination and provide an impenetrable barrier against humidity.

Benefits and features of woven liners:

  • Woven liners are seamless, thanks to which you do not have to worry about loose threads getting mixed with your products.
  • Excellent protection against humidity, and provide puncture-resistance
  • A steel bar keeps the bulkhead stable so that the discharge port can be quickly accessed even by automated tools.

Codefine’s woven liners are made from top-quality virgin resins. Hence there is no risk of food contamination. Our woven liners do not block discharge ports, which can result in complications for the shipment receiver.

Codefine's Products


Bulksaver™ Barless Container Liner

Bulksaver® is the safest and most user-friendly container liner available on the market. A proprietary and patented technology of ours, it is a unique solution that works without metal bars.

Its installation is faster and simpler than with regular container liners (with bars), enabling significant efficiency improvements for our customers. Furthermore, there is no complicated lashing system, no special training and absolutely no risk of doing it wrong. This is the ultimate, foolproof solution.

pe film liners

Film PE

Container liner accessories are an important factor for quick installation. Accessories such as carabine, spring buckle, bungee cords, D-Rings etc. are some of these, which enable a quick installation process.

Woven PP/PE

Woven PP/PE come in standards sizes of 20, 30 or 40 feet, or can be customized to suit different container loading and discharge styles.

Main Industries and Common Uses

Container liners are an integral component of storing and transportation, and they protect your products against humidity and physical damage and reduce wastage. They eliminate damage to products and ensure the safe handling of various materials. Choosing the proper container liners is essential for ensuring efficient shipping and storage.

Here are a few specific applications of container liners:

  • Ship food products safely with no risk of contamination
  • Pack and transport bulk goods efficiently. Examples include agricultural productschemicalsminerals, powders, and other dry items.
  • Store and transport pharmaceuticals and medicines
  • Safely transport hazardous materials such as asbestos and asbestos waste

In addition, there are logistical benefits too, such as:

  • Industrial products and hazardous materials pose no threat to workers and handlers, reducing risks of injury.
  • Automated tools can handle bulk products, reducing the need for manual labor.
  • Keep different kinds of dry products safe from environmental humidity and physical damage.

In short, Codefine’s container liners ensure your products remain safe and fresh, ready to be consumed or used by end-users. Ultimately, container liners help you enhance shipping efficiency, cost-effectiveness and maintain product quality.

Why choose Codefine for your container liners?

Codefine’s container liners are a cost-effective solution for storing and transporting your products. Our shipping container liners help protect your products during storage and transportation. They reduce wastage, enhance productivity, and eliminate unnecessary spending.

All our container liners are made with FDA-approved resins, which are food-safe and result in no contamination. Our customer-first policy ensures that you always get the best value for the money you spend. 

Recycling container liners plays a significant role in promoting sustainable packaging practices. These liners are designed to protect bulk materials during transportation and storage, and they can be reused or recycled to minimize environmental impact. You can access the article on different methods of recycling packaging for more information.

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