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CFO of Codefine

PIERO SCHINASI | Board member & Chairman

Piero has been a part of Codefine since 1977 and is widely recognized as one of the most prominent figures in the packaging Industry.
Under Piero Schinasi’s tenure as CEO and Chairman of the Board, Codefine has established itself as a global leader in the flexible packaging industry. Piero has led Codefine’s international development, opening various factories, offices and subsidiaries across continents.
Piero is a Board Member of Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande and holds a Master of Law from the University of Lausanne.
Board Member & CEO

CARL SCHINASI | Board Member & CEO

Carl has solid experience in international trade, operations management, and marketing. Active at Codefine since 2013, Carl Schinasi previously worked as an Attorney-at-law at several leading Swiss law firms, where he gained solid experience in Cross-border transactions, Corporate Finance and Legal Structuring.
Carl Schinasi serves as a board member in several non-profit organizations.
Carl holds a Master of Laws from University of Lausanne, a Lawyer Degree (“Brevet d’avocat”) and an MBA from Harvard University.
Board Member & COO

STEPHANE LEVY | Board Member & COO

Stephane has more than 25 years of experience in the Flexible Packaging Industry and is widely recognized as an expert in this field. He has taken part in numerous production and sales projects within the Codefine Group and spearheaded the creation and the development of Codefine’s Latin American operations.
Outside of work, Stephane serves as a board member of Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande.
Stephane holds a Bachelor of Science from Tufts University.


Yves Rutishauser heads Codefine’s financial team. He has decades worth of experience in accounting, international trading, currency hedging and handling. He took the lead in many projects at Codefine, specifically related to implementation of new systems, IT management, and human resources management.
Yves Rutishauser has completed several Swiss and International corporate finance and accounting training programs.
A passionate athlete, Yves acts as president of a Swiss federation of gymnastics.

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