Safety Compliant Packaging Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Storing and packing pharmaceutical products manufactured under stringent conditions requires a different approach. Not only do the bags have to be pharma-grade, but the manufacturing of packaging solutions must also meet a different set of criteria.

At Codefine, we ensure the highest levels of personnel hygiene and attention to detail. All our manufacturing facilities where pharmaceutical packaging solutions are well-ventilated, free from pests and microbial contamination, and have standard protocols accepted globally.

Codefine’s packaging solutions support vials and ampules, bottling, folding cartons, and blister packaging. We have a packaging solution for every need, from medical devices to nutritional supplements and medicines. If you are looking for bags for other industries, we also offer agricultural bags, animal bulk feed bags, and bags for chemical products (and many more!). 

Different packaging solutions for pharmaceutical companies

  • Primary and secondary packaging for generic and proprietary medicines
  • Aggregation-capable packaging and palletizing solutions
  • Packages that are amenable to serialize, track and trace when being handled or transported.
  • Climate control and cold-storage compliant bags and packets
  • Blister packaging in different formats and sizes
  • CSD® and CSD Type 3 bags to store, pack, and ship medicines and pharmaceutical products wholesale
  • Certain Type C and D FIBC bags can be used to store and transport drugs and medicines in large quantities

Codefine's innovative technologies and processes set it apart

  • Our unique CSD® (Codefine Super Dustproof) technology ensures that medicines and drugs remain free from bacteria and moisture. CSD bags and packets are manufactured using a laminated fabric that protects pharmaceutical products from contaminants.
  • CSD Type 3 bags take drug safety to the next level. They possess excellent sift-proof characteristics and ensure that all blister packets and other primary packaging are safely transported to their destinations.
  • Our pharma-grade manufacturing techniques ensure that every packaging solution is geared towards keeping medicines, medical devices, and raw materials in top condition.
FIBC bags by Codefine

Set a benchmark for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Protect and scale your pharmaceutical business.
  • Ensure medicines and supplements remain fresh and effective for a long time.
  • Avoid delays in replenishing inventories of retailers.
  • Gain a competitive edge by storing pharmaceutical products in premium packaging solutions.
  • Project your brand narrative with our unique structural and graphic packaging design solutions.
  • Contribute to end-users’ health and wellness by ensuring their medicines are effective for a long time.
  • Comply with various medical and health-related guidelines and regulations set by the FDA, DEA, and MHRA.

Green and sustainable pharma-grade packaging solutions

Storing and transporting pharmaceutical products require great caution and adherence to stringent guidelines. Codefine’s bags meet global safety and quality recommendations set forth by international bodies specifically to store and transport pharmaceutical products. Most importantly, all our packaging solutions are sustainable and green. Choosing Codefine’s packaging solutions helps you to create not only a healthy society but also a healthy environment. 

Every product requires a different packaging solution.

The pharmaceutical industry is diverse, as are the products associated with this industry vertical. And if you’re looking for bags for the construction industry, we’ve got you covered as well. At Codefine, we help you pack wellness and health-related products no matter how fragile or sensitive. From packing bottles and blister packets to ensuring that various medical devices are safely transported, we have a solution for every pharmaceutical packaging need. Contact us today for customized solutions that help present your brand narrative better.

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