Woven PP Bags for All Your Packaging Needs

Woven Polypropylene Bags, also known as Woven PP Bags, optimize strength and durability. These all-weather bags are tear-resistant and immune to puncturing and other handling damage. At Codefine, we carefully manufacture Woven PP bags for packaging by interweaving polypropylene strips bi-directionally.

These bags are cost-effective and ideal for packing and shipping various goods ranging from agricultural products to chemicals, cement, and hardware. Most importantly, they are amenable to superior graphics printing, making them the perfect choice for a premium branding experience.

In short, PP woven packaging bags are affordable, food-safe, sustainable, and suitable for all industries.

Types of Woven PP Bags

Codefine manufactures different types of woven PP bags for every industry use case. However, there is a common thread to our range of PP woven packaging bags — superior quality, durability, and affordability. Here are the three major types:


Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) bags are the perfect choice for packing, shipping, and storing dry goods such as animal feed, chemical fertilizers, and even premium pet food. These bags are food-safe and protect against mold, making them suitable for food products as well.

We build laminated BOPP bags from a water-resistant material that undergoes heavy-duty stretching from all sides before being laminated with a woven polypropylene fabric. This process supports the printing of high-resolution graphics, ensuring you do not have to compromise on premium branding — you can print logos, slogans, and other branding copy on a glossy surface.

These laminated bags are surprisingly affordable and reduce overall packaging costs when ordered in bulk.

Post and Parcel Bags

You can use our Post and Parcel bags in various situations that require packing and shipping. They are suitable for automated packaging processes and are appropriate in several use cases, making them cost-effective when you buy in bulk. We primarily use polypropylene (PP) material, but this may vary depending on your custom needs.

As postal departments and shipping companies have various size and volume-related specifications for packaging, we manufacture PP Post and Parcel bags according to your unique requirements.

We aim to help you package your products and protect them from damage during shipping, ensuring that your products reach end-users without damage and reducing the risk of returns and complaints.

AD*Star™ bags

Many organic and non-organic goods are prone to moisture-related damage. Products such as cement, certain chemicals, animal feed, and edible products for humans are at risk of developing lumpy sediments due to humidity.

AD*Star™ bags are durable and cost-effective packaging products with a protective barrier against moisture. You can use these durable bags for agriculture, construction, and retail products at risk of moisture-related damage.

AD*Star™ bags are also automation friendly and can be used in automated warehouses for packaging, storing, and transporting products of your choice. Although lightweight, they are stronger than paper and keep your products safe from external damage.

Conical Bag


U-Panel A Bag


U-Panel B Bag


Benefits of Woven PP Bags

There are multiple kinds of Woven PP Bags for packaging, and they are all durable and cost-effective packaging choices. Woven PP bags for packaging are perfect for various use cases ranging from agricultureconstruction, and retail products. Laminated bags and BOPP bags allow you to project your brand message through custom printing.

These sturdy and environmentally-friendly bags protect your products from various risks during packing, storing, and shipping. Most importantly, you will have fewer customer complaints and product returns.

  • Many options to choose from
  • Suitable for a variety of use cases
  • Durable and cost-effective packaging
  • Custom printing and sizes available
  • Order woven PP bags with fast shipping
  • Be assured of fast shipping and top-notch customer support

Main Industries & Common Uses

You can use PP woven packaging bags such as laminated bags and BOPP bags, Post and Parcel bags, and AD*Star™ bags in a broad spectrum of industry verticals. From agriculture, construction, and retail products to chemicals and fertilizers, these bags have a use case for every business.

They are also food-safe and protect food from mildew, making PP woven packaging bags perfect for storing and shipping human and pet food products. To learn more about specific use cases, contact us today.

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