Jute Bags for Produce

Since 1959, Codefine has delivered sustainable packaging solutions to agricultural and industrial sectors. We have decades of experience in manufacturing and distributing premium-grade jute bags and hessian sacks globally. Codefine’s jute bags have less environmental footprint than other materials, as we source the fibers from sustainable growers.

Our jute bags have a high breathability index, allowing manufacturers and sellers to safely store agricultural and industrial products for prolonged periods. In addition, its slight stretchability ensures ruggedness and flexibility, making it the perfect eco-friendly choice to pack, store, and ship different kinds of products.


Benefits of using jute bags for produce

Jute bags offer a sustainable and natural solution to store and ship products such as cacao, coffee, nuts, and even mussels. As they are breathable and allow sunlight to pass through, they keep food products fresh and healthy.

Jute is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic, ensuring all edible products are free from contaminants. In addition, jute sacks can be used to store various industrial products and raw materials. Jute fabric lends itself to color printing, making it an appropriate marketing and branding medium.

Advantages of jute bags over other packaging options

  • Jute is sturdy and durable. Other materials, such as paper and cardboard, are prone to damage.
  • Jute is 100% natural and biodegradable. Materials such as plastic are not, and leech chemicals into edible products.
  • Jute sacks are reusable, ensuring sustainability.
  • Compared with cotton, jute is sturdier and less expensive.
  • Jute expands when exposed to moisture and humidity while keeping contents fresh.

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U-Panel A Bag


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Features Overview

  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Keeps edible content free from contaminants
  • Strong and durable
  • Breathable and minimally stretchable
  • Allows for color printing
  • Suitable for manual and automated packing

Varieties of Jute Bags & Main Industries

Classic Jute Bags

While cotton is the most-produced plant-based fiber, jute holds the second spot. First produced during the Indus Valley Civilisation in Northern India and Pakistan, jute is a fiber derived from a range of interrelated shrubs such as jute mallow (corchorus olitorius) and white jute (corchorus capsularis).

Classic jute bags are made from old-fashioned jute fabric loosely woven into a mesh. Although this lets moisture and sunlight in, it keeps edible agricultural produce fresh and uncontaminated.

Laminated Jute Bags

Laminated hessian and jute bags have a rough texture and a laminated coating. This helps ensure water and other liquids trickle away without allowing the sacks to absorb moisture. These bags are perfect for storing and shipping goods sensitive to humidity and moisture.

Dyed Jute Bags

Jute is often brownish in color, and some companies may prefer to add a bit of color. Thankfully, jute lends itself very well to natural dyes and pigments. Dyed jute bags are an attractive and eco-friendly option for packing goods.

Soft Hessian Bags

Soft hessian bags are similar to classic jute bags but are much softer. This fabric can be used to pack finished products that appeal to an eco-friendly target audience.

Bitumen-coated Jute Bags

Bitumen-coated hessian bags can be freely used even when producers may be exposed to humidity or liquids. These bags are perfect for transporting goods under harsh conditions.

Fire-proof Hessian Bags

Fire retardant jute bags contain certain elements that prevent fires. However, this fabric is not waterproof and may only be used in some circumstances. It is usually used in warehouses and industrial contexts to store flammable products

Sourcing the Right Jute Bag for Your Business

Choosing the right jute bag for your business depends on what you plan to store in the sacks, where you decide to keep them, and how you plan to ship them. This varies according to individual business circumstances. Thankfully, classic jute fabric can be customized according to your requirements.

Whether you choose to store live mussels in a wet jute bag or make sure to avoid fire accidents while shipping flammable produce, there is a jute-based solution for your needs. Most importantly, jute bags are affordable and can be ordered in bulk.

Caring for Your Jute Bags

Jute fabric is durable and strong and lasts for a long time in diverse environmental conditions. Jute, burlap, and related materials shrink when you wash them vigorously. However, caring for your jute bags requires minimal effort.

  • Vacuuming is the best way to clean your bags.
  • Use stain removers to spot-clean bags when logistically possible
  • Washing jute bags in cool water may be acceptable, but the risk of shrinking and puckering exists
  • Dry in the shade to protect the natural hues of your bags
  • If you must press your jute bags, do so when they are still damp, using low heat on the wrong side.

If you maintain your jute bags carefully, they last for almost four years. In addition, they can be used more than 400 times before you will find the need to replace them. Plastic, on the other hand, can only be used once. Moreover, plastic can’t be recycled perpetually. Jute is a more sustainable and long-lasting solution for most packaging needs.

Why Codefine is the Best Choice for Your Jute Bag Needs

Codefine is an industry leader in packaging solutions, with a client base in more than 50 countries. We have a solid commitment to eco-centric practices and reducing carbon footprint. Hence, we use jute from sustainable sources to manufacture our jute bags under impeccable workmanship and craft.

We believe in helping our clients find the right packaging solution for every unique requirement. We go the extra length to customize different packaging solutions, including jute bags. Most importantly, our stellar customer service and support are available anytime you need us pre and post-sales. To find the perfect jute bag for your requirements, contact us today.

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