Packaging Solutions for Post & Parcel Products

We offer several solutions for manufacturing post and parcel bags in fully certified facilities. Our experts assist customer in designing post bags while ensuring the highest performance at competitive prices.


CSD® (Codefine Super Dustproof) is an exclusive, patented technology developed by Codefine to pack ultra-fine powders. Our proprietary, patented sewing process and material give CSD bags a premium siftpoofing. Unlike traditional dustproof, CSD requires no ribbon or felt, and therefore eliminates the risk of contamination of your products.

CSD® bags are produced under strict food grade conditions. CSD® bags are made out of proprietary laminated fabric, offering lab-demonstrated bacteria and moisture protection.

CSD Type 3

CSD type 3 is an evolution of CSD. While keeping premium siftproof characteristics, our proprietary construction makes it a more robust version of CSD. It is particularly indicated for sensitive products.

Easylift Type 3

Easylift Type 3 is the ultimate pallet-less bag. The Easylift Type 3 allows you to easily handle, load, and ship your goods while getting rid of pallets, thus creating significant savings.

In addition, thanks to the elimination of the pallet and the bag’s optimized size, you will be able to ship up to 20% more goods in each bag, and thus generate substantial savings on freight cost. Extremely easy to handle, the Easylift Type 3 is part of the Codefine Green Initiative to lower material usage and freight costs.

Dragon FIBC

The Dragon FIBC is our most robust and efficient big bag. Thanks to its unique structure, the bag has 20% stronger resistance which we have proved through thorough testing. This leads to significantly lower material usage.

Created as part of the Codefine Green Initiative to lower material usage and freight costs, the Dragon FIBC can be used with or without liners.