Sustainable and Economical Post and Parcel Bags

Postal departments of every country require senders to adhere to strict regulations regarding how products, documents, and materials are sent. Choosing the right kind of post and parcel bags is essential if you choose the postal service to ship products and documents. 

Codefine provides a range of biodegradable and environmentally friendly protective envelopes, mailing bags, padded bags, and parcel boxes. These post and parcel bags are made from nature-friendly materials such as polypropylene (pp), CSD® (Codefine Super Dust-proof), and others. Our range of post and parcel bags helps you send parcels and documents efficiently and assists you in achieving your sustainability goals. 

Different types of Codefine post and parcel bags

CSD post and parcel bags

CSD is an exclusive and patented technology we developed to pack ultra-fine powders. This material offers premium sift-proofing and is superior to traditional dust-proof materials. Perfect for sending organic powders, premium goods, and other important documents by post.

CSD Type 3 post and parcel bags

In addition to the sift-proof and food-grade quality that CSD features, CSD Type 3 are more robust and indicated for very sensitive products. Use these bags while sending luxury items or premium edible products.

Easylift Type 3

If you send large packages by post, Easylift Type 3 bags are a great choice. They are sturdy, and workers can easily load these bags onto shipping containers.

Most importantly, sending goods by post can be expensive. As Easylift Type 3 bags eliminate the need for pallets and enhance your bag’s size, you can send 20% more goods in each bag and save money.

Dragon FIBC

These robust and efficient bags are industry-grade and help you send bulk parcels by post. They are 20% stronger than regular FIBC materials and keep your goods safe until they reach their destination.

Choose between bags with or without container liners.

Safe and secure packaging for postal needs

Sending parcels and documents by post can be expensive, especially if the service is used frequently. However, it is possible to reduce the expenses by choosing the right kind of post and parcel bags so that freight costs are reduced. Here are some benefits of using Codefine’s post and parcel bags:

  • 20% stronger resistance than regular materials
  • 20% more capacity to hold goods
  • Handle and load goods easily
  • Premium dust-proof and contaminant-proof materials
  • Cost savings and operational efficiency in the long term

post and parcel packaging

Sustainability is a choice you make

Postal packaging is a source of environmental pollution which you can avoid by choosing biodegradable packaging solutions. Codefine’s post and parcel bags are made from biodegradable and sustainable materials, which do not raise your company’s carbon impact. Our bags help you achieve sustainability targets and satisfy various stakeholders’ expectations.

Customized post and parcel bags

Every industry differs, and you may have unique post and parcel requirements. Hence, our solutions are geared towards solving your problems and ensuring you send your parcels and documents economically and securely. Please speak to us today to discuss how our solutions help you send packages by post. We would be glad to customize available options to meet your requirements.

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