Sustainability at the core of our operations

The Future is Already Here

The world is changing at an exponential pace; businesses are increasingly faced with sustainability challenges that are shaping decisions on a daily basis and impacting bottom lines, fast. At Codefine, we are committed to ensuring that each of our customers is optimally equipped to face these challenges head on and aligned with their individual needs and professional requirements. Integrating a forward-facing approach, our team of experts maintains a clear view of the global challenges, as well as the local realities, in order to define, design, manufacture and deliver packaging solutions that suit today’s world. This includes using lighter fabrics with increased durability, as well as using various recycled products. We are focused on the ultimate goal of achieving more with less. More resilience with less material; more productivity at lower costs; improved performance with a significantly decreased carbon footprint. Better for the environment. Better for business.

Codefine’s CEO on the importance of sustainable advancement in packaging

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Meet the Codefine Green Initiative

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