Polypropylene Bags

Codefine’s Small Bags are the essential packaging solution, a familiar product the world over. These suit businesses that need to transport wholesale packaging bags in smaller quantities. 

Polypropylene Bags

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Types of PP Bags

Small PP Bags

Leveraging several decades of experience with small PP bags, we continuously strive to provide premium quality PP bags at competitive prices. These bags can be produced in a wide variety of customization options, with or without automation process, and can also be personalized to suit your needs using a BOPP quality print. The options are abundant and always maintain the highest level of quality.


AD*Star™ bags (Block Bottom Valve Bags)

AD*Star™ bags are perfect for packing and transporting dry bulk products. These bags are lighter than paper material but sturdier and moisture-resistant. They can be filled both manually and through automated means. 

Stronger and lighter in weight than paper, and offering a good level of moisture protection, these bags provide a high-quality, reliable packaging option for dry bulk products, such as fertilizer, cement, granulates or animal feed.

ADStar bags

Woven PP Bags

Woven PP Bags allow air to pass through, so packed products have a longer shelf life. The material lets UV rays in but creates a moisture barrier resulting in a decay-resistant environment within the bags.

Polypropylene Bags

BOPP bags

A BOPP bag, also known as multi-layer bag, is composed of various layers, including one which is made of HDPE/PP woven fabric. Multi-colored BOPP films are made with the use of engraved cylinders and Rotogravures reverse printing technology. They are then laminated with HDPE/PP woven fabric and in the final stages, are cut and stitched and stitching according to the specific requirements defined.

Paper woven PP bags

These premium-grade bags give the appearance of paper bags to woven PP bags. These durable bags are great for showcasing brand-related information and graphics while ensuring that products remain fresh for a long time.

Small PP bags

Main Industries & Common Uses

Polypropylene bags are not a monolith, and a dizzying variety of these sturdy bags exist. Each type has a function and purpose and serves a group of industries.

  • As plastic pp bags are BPA-free and do not leach toxins or chemicals into edible products, they are perfect for storing and shipping agricultural produce, pet food, and edible products.
  • Certain sift-proof materials, such as our CSD bags, ensure that chemicals and fertilizers can be transported safely and in a non-hazardous manner. Hence, these bags are perfect for chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Other types of pp bags are tailor-made for storing and shipping construction materials.
  • Smaller versions of pp bags can also be used to post and parcel small quantities of products. These bags are resistant to heat, physical damage, and corrosion.

Custom printing options

We offer custom printing solutions to help you implement your branding strategy. Although most PP bags are used to back goods in bulk, compromising your brand narrative can harm marketing and sales efforts. We ensure that all your packaging solutions, large and small, are uniform in branding. Our laminated and paper woven pp bags are excellent choices for packaging solutions that look and feel premium. These bags act as a canvas for your designs and text.

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