Packaging Solutions for Disposal & Recycling Products

Our vast experience in the waste and recycling industry enables us to offer a broad range of packaging solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of each customer, whether in FIBCs, small PP Bags or any other packaging solution.


A pioneer in the FIBC market, we have several decades of experience in the distribution and manufacturing of big bags. We offer a wide range of bags – from the most basic to the most sophisticated FIBCs on the market with premium quality, always at competitive prices. Whatever goods your business handles, whether chemical goods or perishable foodstuffs, powders or liquids, whether you need the most simple big bags or high-end food grade FIBCs, our dedicated team is always here to provide you with the utmost service and most suitable solution for your needs. Our technology team works diligently and consistently to develop new products that meet the highest certification standards (such as ISO 22000, BRC, FSSC, SA 8000) following strict international guidelines for testing, on-site inspection and traceability.

Small PP Bags

Leveraging several decades of experience with small PP bags, we continuously strive to provide premium quality PP bags at competitive prices. These bags can be produced in a wide variety of customization options, with or without automation process, and can also be personalized to suit your needs using a BOPP quality print. The options are abundant and always maintain the highest level of quality.