Heavy Duty Construction Bags: Solid and Sturdy Packaging Solutions for the Construction Industry

The construction industry depends on various raw materials for the timely completion of projects. Wood, sand, stones, mortar, gravel, etc., must be packed, stored, and shipped to construction sites on time. Codefine’s Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) are designed to cater to the construction industry providing heavy-duty solutions, limiting wastage and damage to construction materials.

Our Easylift and Easylift 3 are palletless solutions that eliminate the cost of palletization. This also helps reduce the impact on the environment. As raw materials necessary to complete construction projects need to be delivered on time, traceability and automated movement of FIBCs are equally important. Codefine’s packaging solutions enable automated transportation of storage materials and efficient packing, storing, and traceability of goods in transit.

Types of construction bags

  • Easylift bags – Perfect for automated picking and dropping of raw materials, proving their heavy-duty robustness in the process. Helps reduce the time taken to pack and ship construction materials to their final destinations. These pallet-less bags are rugged and made from sturdy materials, eliminating the need for pallets. This results in reduced expenditure.
  • Easylift Type 3 bags – These are an advanced version of the Easylift bags and help you easily handle and load construction materials. They also come with extra space, allowing you to ship nearly 20% more goods, resulting in reduced freight costs. Easylift Type 3 bags are also part of Codefine Green Initiative, which helps you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Industrial bags – These heavy-duty bags are perfectly suited for heavier and crude materials like stones, sand, or gravel. These bags can hold large quantities of basic construction materials while lending themselves well to automated lifting and packing. From 4-panel bags to baffle bags and circular bags, Codefine’s construction-oriented FIBCs are versatile and sturdy.
  • Printable bags – These bags are made from superior polypropylene (pp) material, allowing you to print branding information clearly. This helps workers and construction staff easily recognize raw materials and complete projects quickly.
  • Moisture-resistant bags – Most of our pp bags are moisture-resistant and help ensure safe storage and transportation of wood, cement, and other moisture-sensitive raw materials. Examples include woven pp bags, AD*Star™ bags (Block Bottom Valve Bags), among many others. We also have agricultural bags, and animal bulk feed bags if that’s more what you need. 

Deliver construction materials on time.

Whether you are a distributor or manufacturer of construction materials, it is essential to ensure that raw materials are delivered on time to project sites. This helps project overseers ensure speedy task completion and raise repeat requests for raw materials. Codefine’s packaging solutions will help you to:

  • Deliver raw materials to construction sites on time
  • Ensure traceability and record keeping
  • Prevent spoilage of dry construction materials
  • Ensure the safety and protection of workers
  • Comply with different global regulations related to packing construction materials
  • Scale your business and reduce operational expenditure
construction workers

Adopt a sustainable packaging policy.

The construction industry often gets heat from different sources contributing to global warming and increasing carbon emissions. Using Codefine’s green and sustainable packaging solutions will help you present a more eco-friendly image to your stakeholders, even for chemicals and mining. This enables you to gain a competitive edge and ensures you adopt environmentally friendly policies in general.

Choose scientifically designed packaging solutions.

Codefine has been in the business of packaging solutions for many decades. We keenly understand the requirements of the construction industry, which spans the globe. Our diverse range of FIBCs and other packaging solutions are manufactured with long shipping routes, traceability, and easy lifting in mind. Codefine’s superior technology and customized solutions have your back, regardless of your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our packaging solutions for the construction industry. 

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