Packaging Solutions for Construction Products

We offer a wide range of high performance FIBCs to help builders handle construction materials such as gravel, wood, sand, stones or mortar. They are manufactured at our state-of-the art facilities and sold to our global customers at competitive prices. In addition, we provide a wide range of special products to the construction industry, including Easylift and Easylift 3, two pallet-less solutions that eliminate pallet costs and significantly reduce the impact on the environment.

Easylift Type 3

Easylift Type 3 is the ultimate pallet-less bag. The Easylift Type 3 allows you to easily handle, load, and ship your goods while getting rid of pallets, thus creating significant savings.

In addition, thanks to the elimination of the pallet and the bag’s optimized size, you will be able to ship up to 20% more goods in each bag, and thus generate substantial savings on freight cost. Extremely easy to handle, the Easylift Type 3 is part of the Codefine Green Initiative to lower material usage and freight costs.