#1 Choice for Sustainable Packaging Solutions Since 1957

Celebrated as the leading manufacturer of Industrial (FIBC) Bags, Codefine is the sustainable choice partner for the world's largest businesses.

Edmond Schinasi

Founder of Codefine

60 Years of Packaging Excellence

For over six decades, we’ve served as a committed partner to the world’s biggest brands, building upon our excellence in every decade, constantly innovating. Today, we lead in sustainable packaging solutions for the leading industries. We think globally and act locally, ensuring our customers can effortlessly tackle dynamic logistics challenges with ease and efficiency. Since 1957, loyalty and commitment have been at the heart of Codefine, carried through generations. We’re your trusted partner, providing top packaging solutions worldwide.
With Codefine, your success is always securely in the bag.

The Top Choice for Global Industry Leaders

Your Goods - in Great Hands

Codefine specializes in the packaging of industrial, agricultural, mineral and mining, and food grade and pharmaceutical products. We create and develop our own packaging solutions according to customer requirements, and also manufacture, sell and distribute them worldwide. Our extensive network of offices and representatives is present in all major markets, offering the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a truly local-global approach. We proudly operate our own factories, maintaining the most rigorous quality control processes, in order to deliver top quality and updated products to our diverse customers across the globe.

Tech Tools for our Customers

Codefine stands out by providing innovative tools for customers to manage inventory, track orders and check stock availability.

World Class Customer Service

Codefine prides itself for offering best-in-class customer care to serve the client’s needs. By working with us you gain access to an international network of Codefine representatives.

Sustainability at Codefine

Shaping a Greener Tomorrow

At Codefine, sustainability isn’t an afterthought; it’s woven into every fiber of our operations. As a leader in innovative packaging solutions for over six decades, we understand the urgency of addressing environmental challenges. Our commitment to sustainability is a commitment to a better future.

Codefine Blog

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